Who has the keys to your house?

The truth is most people don’t know  !

That’s why,  when upgrading your home or business security you should insist on locks that are operated by patented registered keys.

New and additional keys can only be supplied to the property owner or representative of the owner on receipt of a written signed request in keeping with the agreement in place with your A.L.O.I. Locksmith.

Unauthorised persons will not be able to get keys cut.

So you can give a key to a builder, cleaner, gardener, tenant etc. knowing that they will be unable to get another key cut, giving you total peace of mind.

Would you like 1 key to operate all the locks on your property ? 

Find out more about master keying by clicking here

It’s really convenient.

Your local A.L.O.I. Locksmith will be in a confident position to provide you with a personalised key control system which is customized to suit your exact requirements.